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Nic on Indo

A few days ago I saw a little girl no taller than maybe 3 foot carrying what looked like a paint can on her head, wearing nothing but bright orange nickers. And as we sped past on our scooter, she strained to hold the can on her head with one hand while the other hand was waving at us, smile beaming on her face. This is exactly how I will remember the Indonesian people. They are kind, sweet and so welcoming. Their sense of humor astounds me, it is as close to Australian humor I have seen by any culture. They love to take the piss and any opportunity to make themselves laugh, mostly at someone elses expense, they will take. They have this hearty full belly laugh that makes you turn and look with a smile on your face, its so contagious.

I can honestly say that the Indonesian people certainly believe in free range farming. On our most recent trips to a number of surfing spots in Kuta Lombok we have dodged water buffalo, chickens, roosters, ducks, goats, cows, even a few monkeys, plenty of dogs and I’m sure a variety of animals I have never heard of. They literally own the road and no amount of beeping will awaken them from their grassy slumber. Another thing I have seen in the 25 days we have traveled throughout this stunning country are the landscapes. They are almost indescribable, flowing mountains that house an endless canopy of the most spectacular green trees I have seen in my life; and when I say green, I mean such an intense color of green, it takes your breath away, almost as beautiful as the beaches.

From what I have seen, one thing is for sure, they are rich in culture and in life. History is not a thing of the past, it is something they practice every day, from their love of religion to their seamless familiar farming practices that you can tell they have been doing for decades, passed down from one generation to the next. It is a lucky country and I think the people that live here know how lucky they are in comparison to some other South East Asian countries, you can see that in their smile and passion for life.

All in all, I have loved Indonesia. Every island we have visited has offered its own uniqueness. I would have to say my favorite was Nusa Lembongan. It has the best of both worlds, surfing for Ben (which gives me at least 2 hours to read like a mad woman), stunning beaches, culture and beautiful people. While Kuta Lombok offered me very minimal entertainment (it is very much a surfing village), it has delivered in the food department, and I have been able to see the culture in its rawest form as it does not take much traveling to get away from the tourist trail and step into the villages, which I am grateful for. I don’t know how much longer by butt could handle that scooter.

I would highly recommend Indonesia to everyone. Anyone that comes here will fall in love with the people and its beautiful land. Ben and I have already started a list of places we would like to come back to, its definitely on the cards again for the future.